Modeling Under MATLAB by ANFIS of Three-Phase Tetrahedral Transformer Using in Microwave Generator for Three Magnetrons Per Phase

Mouhcine Lahame, Mohammed Chraygene, Hamid Outzguinrimt, Redouane Batit, Rajae Oumghar, Mohamed Ferfra


This work deals with the modeling of a new three-phase tetrahedral transformer of HV power supply, which feeds three magnetrons per phase. The design of this new power supply is composed of three single-phase with magnetic shunt transformers coupling in star; each one is size to feed voltage-doubling cells, thereby feeds a magnetron. In order to validate the functionality of this power supply, we simulate it under Matlab-Simulink environment. Thus, we modeled nonlinear inductance using a new approach of neuro-fuzzy (ANFIS); this method based on the interpolation of the curve B(H) of ferromagnetic material, the results obtained gives forms of both voltages and currents, which shows that they are in accordance with those of experimental tests, respecting the conditions recommended by the magnetron manufacturer


modeling, tetrahedral, three magnetrons, matlab-simulink, neuro-fuzzy (ANFIS)

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