Research of NiMH Battery Modeling and Simulation Based on Linear Regression Analysis Method

Chang-hao Piao, Qing-yong Qin, Qian Zhang, Yong-sheng Zhang


 The battery state-of-charge estimation was one of core issues in the development of electric vehicles battery management system, and higher accurate model was needed in state-of-charge estimation correctly. Therefore, accurate battery modeling and simulation was researched here. The Thevenin equivalent circuit model of NiMH battery was established for the poor accuracy of traditional model. Based on the data which were brought from the 6V 6Ah NiMH battery hybrid pulse cycling test experiments, Thevenin model parameters were identified by means of the linear regression analysis method. Then, the battery equivalent circuit simulating model was built in the MATLAB/Simulink environment. The simulation and experimental results showed that the model has better accuracy and can be used to guide the battery state-of-charge estimation.

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