Region of interest and color moment method for freshwater fish identification

Gibtha Fitri Laxmi, Fitrah Satrya Fajar Kusumah


One of the important features in content based image retrieval is color feature. The color feature is the most widely used visual features. Extracting feature image depends on the problem to identify the region or object of interest that is complex in content. This paper presents a methodology to recognize certain freshwater images using region of interest and color feature. In this work, we have considered 7 varieties of freshwater fish, Gourami, Mas/Common carper, Mas Orange, Mas Kancra, Mujair/Java Tilapia, Nila/Nile Tilapia, and Patin. Each variety consists of 20 images. We deployed Color Moment Feature after Region of Interest process to extract the feature. Euclid is used for recognition. Considering only a feature, the classification accuracy of 89% is obtained using color moment. The research technique shows promise for eventually being able to do so, and for the future will help to get important information from the image.


color moment; euclid; freshwater fish; identification; region of interest;

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