Significant variables extraction of post-stroke EEG signal using wavelet and SOM kohonen

Esmeralda C. Djamal, Deka P. Gustiawan, Daswara Djajasasmita


Stroke patients require a long recovery. One success of the treatment given is the evaluation and monitoring during recovery. One device for monitoring the development of post-stroke patients is Electroencephalogram (EEG). This research proposed a method for extracting variables of EEG signals for post-stroke patient analysis using Wavelet and Self-Organizing Map Kohonen clustering. EEG signal was extracted by Wavelet to obtain Alpha, beta, theta, gamma, and Mu waves. These waves, the amplitude and asymmetric of the symmetric channel pairs are features in Self Organizing Map Kohonen Clustering. Clustering results were compared with actual clusters of post-stroke and no-stroke subjects to extract significant variable. These results showed that the configuration of Alpha, Beta, and Mu waves, amplitude together with the difference between the variable of symmetric channel pairs are significant in the analysis of post-stroke patients. The results gave using symmetric channel pairs provided 54-74% accuracy.


EEG signal; post-stroke patient; significant variables; SOM clustering; wavelet;

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