Palmprint Verification Using Time Series Method

Agus Anwar, Darma Putra, Agung Cahyawan


The use of biometrics as an automatic recognition system is growing rapidly in solving security problems; palmprint is one of biometric system which often used. This paper used two steps in center of mass moment method for region of interest (ROI) segmentation and apply the time series method combined with block window method as feature representation. Normalized Euclidean Distance is used to measure the similarity degrees of two feature vectors of palm print. System testing is done using 500 samples palms, with 4 samples as the reference image and the 6 samples as test images. Experiment results show this system can achieve a high performance with success rate about 97.33% (FNMR=1.67%, FMR=1.00 %, T=0.036).

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