VRLA battery state of health estimation based on charging time

Akhmad Zainuri, Unggul Wibawa, Mochammad Rusli, Rini Nur Hasanah, Rosihan Arby Harahap


Battery state of health (SoH) is an important parameter of the battery’s ability to store and deliver electrical energy. Various methods have been so far developed to calculate the battery SoH, such as through the calculation of battery impedance or battery capacity using Kalman Filter, Fuzzy theory, Probabilistic Neural Network, adaptive hybrid battery model, and Double Unscented Kalman Filtering (D-UKF) algorithm. This paper proposes an approach to estimate the value of battery SoH based on the charging time measurement. The results of observation and measurements showed that a new and used batteries would indicate different charging times. Unhealthy battery tends to have faster charging and discharging time. The undertaken analysis has been focused on finding out the relationship between the battery SoH and the charging time range. To validate the results of this proposed approach, the use of battery capacity method has been considered as comparison. It can be concluded that there is a strong correlation between the two discussed SoH estimation methods, confirming that the proposed method is feasible as an alternative SoH estimation method to the widely known battery capacity method. The correlation between the charging-disharging times of healthy and unhealthy batteries is very prospective to develop a battery charger in the future with a prime advantage of not requiring any sensor for the data acquisition.


battery capacity; charging time; comparison method; state-of-health;

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.12928/telkomnika.v17i3.12241


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