Design and implementation of remotely monitoring system for pH level in Baghdad drinking water networks

Hussein A. Mohammed, Sura F. ismail


Many people in the recent days have suffering from number of diseases due to unsafe and impure drinking water, especially in rural areas. As typical laboratory experiments and official water quality tests take considerable amount of time to obtain results and due to non availability of a simple device that can measure such water quality parameters in real time, therefore in this paper a remote pH level monitoring system for Baghdad drinking water system is proposed. A PH level sensing and monitoring nodes are distributed at different location. These nodes are proactively measured pH level of water and send data to the maintenance center to give them overall picture about pH level via global position system (GSM). This proposed system gives a robust, low-cost and effective method for the drinking water maintenance center to measure and monitoring the water quality in real time environment.


Arduino uno; drinking water pollution; GPRS sim900; measurement of pH sensor; water quality monitoring;

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