Hierarchical robust fuzzy sliding mode control for a class of simo under-actuated systems with mismatched uncertainties

Duc Ha Vu, Shoudao Huang, Thi Diep Tran


The development of the algorithms for single input multi output (SIMO) under-actuated systems with mismatched uncertainties is important. Hierarchical sliding-mode controller (HSMC) has been successfully employed to control SIMO under-actuated systems with mismatched uncertainties in a hierarchical manner with the use of sliding mode control. However, in such a control scheme, the chattering phenomenon is its main disadvantage. To overcome the above disadvantage, in this paper, a new compound control scheme is proposed for SIMO under-actuated based on HSMC and fuzzy logic control (FLC). By using the HSMC approach, a sliding control law is derived so as to guarantee the stability and robustness under various environments. The FLC as the second controller completely removes the chattering signal caused by the sign function in the sliding control law. The results are verified through theoretical proof and simulation software of MATLAB through two systems Pendubot and series double inverted pendulum.


chattering phenomenon; fuzzy logic control; hierarchical robust fuzzy sliding mode control; single input multi output systems; under-actuated systems;

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.12928/telkomnika.v17i6.13176


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