Streaming in-patient BPM data to the cloud with a real-time monitoring system

Mohammed G. Ayoub, Mazin N. Farhan, Mohamme S. Jarjees


Monitoring the heart activities for old people or people with medical history (Arrhythmia or CHD) is targeted by most new medical technologies. This paper demonstrated an in-patient real-time monitoring system for heart rate estimation. A ratio of beats per minute (BPM) is continuously recorded, streamed and archived to the cloud via WeMos WiFi development board. This cost effective system is simply based on two sub-systems: BPM data acquisition through pulse sensor and WeMos-based communication systems. The streamed BPM data are saved instantaneously in Google drive as spreadsheets which can only be accessed by authorized persons wherever the internet service is available. Thus, the person in charge can remotely observe the patient’s status and do analytics for the archived data. A pilot study with eight subjects was carried out to validate the developed BPM tele-monitoring system. Encouraging results have been achieved.


BPM; pulse sensor; streaming; telemedicine; WeMos; wireless communication;

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