JPG, PNG and BMP image compression using discrete cosine transform

Rostam Affendi Hamzah, Muttaqin Md Roslan, Ahmad Fauzan bin Kadmin, Shamsul Fakhar bin Abd Gani, Khairul Azha A. Aziz


This paper proposes image compression using discrete cosine transform (DCT) for the format of joint photographic expert groups (JPEG) or JPG, portable network graphic (PNG) and bitmap (BMP). These three extensions are the most popular types used in current image processing storage. The purpose of image compression is to produce lower memory usage or to reduce memory file. This process removes redundant information of each pixel. The challenge for image compression process is to maintain the quality of images after the compression process. Hence, this article utilizes the DCT technique to sustain the image quality and at the same time reduces the image storage size. The effectiveness of the DCT technique has been reasonable over some real images and the implementation of the technique has been compared with different types of image extensions. Matlab software is an important platform for this project in order to write a program and perform the progress of project phase by phase to achieve the expected results. Based on the tested images, the DCT technique in image compression is capable to reduce the image storage memory in average about 50% of each image tested.


discrete cosine transform; image analysis; image compression; image processing; image transformation;

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