Distribution power loss minimization via optimal sizing and placement of shunt capacitor and distributed generator with network reconfiguration

Mohammed B. Essa, Lubna A. Alnabi, Abbas K. Dhaher


The population is speeding up and the demands for electrical energy are clearly increasing, this growth in load leads to higher power loss and Voltage drop. This paper is focused on a method to decrease the power losses and voltage profile improvement. The first suggested technique binary particle swarm optimization BPSO is utilized for solving the problem of the power loss minimization in network distribution. This work based on optimum position and sizing of the distribution generation (DG) units, shunt capacitor (SC) with network reconfiguration is applied to show the improvement of the network distribution efficiency. The MATLAB programming part and software package MATPOWER7 are used to simulate 69-bus and 33-bus test system with three different cases of loads and different number of DG and SC. The result showed a positive impact on system efficiency in comparison with other previous studies. This paper showed that increase of DG and capacitor does not usually give the best result although the increase of system cost, maintenance, and the units' distance for gas supplying.


distribution generation; radial distribution system; reconfiguration power loss; shunt capacitor;

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.12928/telkomnika.v19i3.15223


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