A modification of fuzzy arithmetic operators for solving near-zero fully fuzzy matrix equation

W. S. W. Daud, N. Ahmad, G. Malkawi


Matrix equations have its own important in the field of control system engineering particularly in the stability analysis of linear control systems and the reduction of nonlinear control system models. There are certain conditions where the classical matrix equation are not well equipped to handle the uncertainty problems such as during the process of stability analysis and reduction in control system engineering. In this study, an algorithm is developed for solving fully fuzzy matrix equation particularly for ~ A ~X ~B 􀀀 ~X = ~ C, where the coefficients of the equation are in near-zero fuzzy numbers. By modifying the existing fuzzy multiplication arithmetic operators, the proposed algorithm exceeds the positive restriction to allow the near-zero fuzzy numbers as the coefficients. Besides that, a new fuzzy subtraction arithmetic operator has also been proposed as the existing operator failed to satisfy the both sides of the nearzero fully fuzzy matrix equation. Subsequently, Kronecker product and V ec-operator are adapted with the modified fuzzy arithmetic operator in order to transform the fully fuzzy matrix equation to a fully fuzzy linear system. On top of that, a new associated linear system is developed to obtain the final solution. A numerical example and the verification of the solution are presented to demonstrate the proposed algorithm.


control system engineering; fully fuzzy matrix equation; fully fuzzy linear system; fuzzy arithmetic operators; near-zero fuzzy numbers;

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.12928/telkomnika.v19i2.18023


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