Parallel classification and optimization of telco trouble ticket dataset

Fauzy Bin Che Yayah, Khairil Imran Ghauth, Choo-Yee Ting


In the big data age, extracting applicable information using traditional machine learning methodology is very challenging. This problem emerges from the restricted design of existing traditional machine learning algorithms, which do not entirely support large datasets and distributed processing. The large volume of data nowadays demands an efficient method of building machine-learning classifiers to classify big data. New research is proposed to solve problems by converting traditional machine learning classification into a parallel capable. Apache Spark is recommended as the primary data processing framework for the research activities. The dataset used in this research is related to the telco trouble ticket, identified as one of the large volume datasets. The study aims to solve the data classification problem in a single machine using traditional classifiers such as W-J48. The proposed solution is to enable a conventional classifier to execute the classification method using big data platforms such as Hadoop. This study’s significant contribution is the output matrix evaluation, such as accuracy and computational time taken from both ways resulting from hyper-parameter tuning and improvement of W-J48 classification accuracy for the telco trouble ticket dataset. Additional optimization and estimation techniques have been incorporated into the study, such as grid search and cross-validation method, which significantly improves classification accuracy by 22.62% and reduces the classification time by 21.1% in parallel execution inside the big data environment.


classification; Hadoop; optimization; Spark; trouble ticket;

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