Brief note on match and miss-match uncertainties

Muhammad Nizam Kamarudin, Sahazati Md Rozali, Mohd H. Hairi, Muhammad I. Zakaria


The appearance of uncertainties and disturbances often effects the characteristics of either linear or nonlinear systems. Plus, the stabilization process may be deteriorated thus incurring a catastrophic effect to the system performance. As such, this manuscript addresses the concept of matching condition for the systems that are suffering from miss-match uncertainties and exogeneous disturbances. The perturbation towards the system at hand is assumed to be known and unbounded. To reach this outcome, uncertainties and their classifications are reviewed thoroughly. The structural matching condition is proposed and tabulated in the proposition 1. Two types of mathematical expressions are presented to distinguish the system with matched uncertainty and the system with miss-matched uncertainty. Lastly, two-dimensional numerical expressions are provided to practice the proposed proposition. The outcome shows that matching condition has the ability to change the system to a design-friendly model for asymptotic stabilization.


disturbance; linear systems; nonlinear systems; uncertainty;

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