Least significant bit technology for hiding text data using video steganography

Huda A. Ali, Alyaa J. Jalil, Marwah K. Hussein


Due to the rapid development of information technology, the process of exchanging information over the web has become simple and fast. Nevertheless, the transmission of information will be at risk due to the nature of the internet, as anyone can access and change the data by hacking it. Therefore, it is necessary for protecting any personal information from being accessed by unlawful individuals. It became necessary to use encryption and steganography techniques for protecting data. Steganography is a manner used for covering hidden information in several other media while preserving the form of the original data and leaving no evidence of hidden data, whereas, encryption changes the original information into unclear or ambiguous information, which is called scrambled. The paper presents a method of video steganography as a powerful and effective tool for data steganography. We used a video as a spreading medium and then used it for concealment of an audio message and a document (in a pdf file) in a method that makes the information invisible using the least significant bit (LSB) method.


data hiding; image processing; least significant bit; steganography; voice message;

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.12928/telkomnika.v22i1.24029


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