Design and implementation of a LoRa-based system for warning of forest fire

Tuyen Phong Truong, Quang Thien Tran, Phat Tan Le


This paper presents the design and implementation of a forest fire monitoring and warning system based on long range (LoRa) technology, a novel ultra-low power consumption and long-range wireless communication technology for remote sensing applications. The proposed system includes a wireless sensor network that records environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, wind speed, and carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration in the air, as well as taking infrared photos.The data collected at each sensor node will be transmitted to the gateway via LoRa wireless transmission. Data will be collected, processed, and uploaded to a cloud database at the gateway. An Android smartphone application that allows anyone to easily view the recorded data has been developed. When a fire is detected, the system will sound a siren and send a warning message to the responsible personnel, instructing them to take appropriate action. Experiments in Tram Chim Park, Vietnam, have been conducted to verify and evaluate the operation of the system.


forest fire; infrared photos; internet of things; LoRa technology; wireless sensor networks;

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