Automatic detection, report, and alert of faults in 220 volts electric power distribution parts

Jabbar Shatti Jahlool, Mohammed Abdulla Abdulsada, Majid S. Naghmash


The electrical power distribution parts include the distribution transformer responsible for reducing high voltage (HV) 11 Kv to low voltage (LV) 416/240 volts, and the power distribution lines (PDLs), which are the source of electrical power supply for residential neighborhoods. Any malfunction of these parts, result in a power outage. Currently, any faults are reported, detected, and alert in a primitive way, and this mechanism certainly takes a lot of time and effort. In this paper, an automatic approach for detection, report and alert has been suggested. This approach process is carried out by continuously checking the status of the three output feeders (power distribution lines), which is the low voltage side of the distribution transformer, when a malfunction occurs in any one or more of these feeders, it will generate an alert signal in the form of a text message using short message service (SMS). The maintenance center is notified by receiving this SMS via SIM900 modem through the global system for mobile (GSM) communications network. The SMS text message includes feeder number, fault type and location address (street number and distribution transformer number). In this design, time and effort are shortened and the maintenance center enables fully automatic monitoring of electric power distribution parts within the sector of responsibility.


cable grid; distribution transformer; electric power grid; fault detection; global system for mobile modems; global system for mobile network;

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