Design and simulation an optimal enhanced PI controller for congestion avoidance in TCP/AQM system

Yousra Abd Mohammed, Layla H. Abood, Nahida Naji Kadhim


In this paper, snake optimization algorithm (SOA) is used to find the optimal gains of an enhanced controller for controlling congestion problem in computer networks. M-file and Simulink platform is adopted to evaluate the response of the active queue management (AQM) system, a comparison with two classical controllers is done, all tuned gains of controllers are obtained using SOA method and the fitness function chose to monitor the system performance is the integral time absolute error (ITAE). Transient analysis and robust analysis is used to show the proposed controller performance, two robustness tests are applied to the AQM system, one is done by varying the size of queue value in different period and the other test is done by changing the number of transmission control protocol (TCP) sessions with a value of ± 20% from its original value. The simulation results reflect a stable and robust behavior and best performance is appeared clearly to achieve the desired queue size without any noise or any transmission problems.


AQM; computer network; congestion control; NLPI controller; SOA;

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