Reflector antenna design in different frequencies using frequency selective surfaces

Shahir Fleyeh Nawaf, Lujain S. Abdulla, Abdulmutalib A-Wahab Husein


In this study, it is aimed to obtain two different asymmetric radiation patterns obtained from antennas in the shape of the cross-section of a parabolic reflector (fan blade type antennas) and antennas with cosecant-square radiation characteristics at two different frequencies from a single antenna. For this purpose, firstly, a fan blade type antenna design will be made, and then the reflective surface of this antenna will be completed to the shape of the reflective surface of the antenna with the cosecant-square radiation characteristic with the frequency selective surface designed to provide the characteristics suitable for the purpose. The frequency selective surface designed and it provides the perfect transmission as possible at 4 GHz operating frequency, while it will act as a band-quenching filter for electromagnetic waves at 5 GHz operating frequency and will be a reflective surface. Thanks to this frequency selective surface to be used as a reflective surface in the antenna, a fan blade type radiation characteristic at 4 GHz operating frequency will be obtained, while a cosecant-square radiation characteristic at 5 GHz operating frequency will be obtained.


frequency selective surfaces; radiation patterns; reflector antenna; transverse electric; transverse magnetic;

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