Metamaterial inspired circular antenna for Bluetooth band integration

Ismail Moumen, Mourad Elhabchi, Mohamed Nabil Srifi, Raja Touahni


Within the rapidly evolving landscape of wireless communication technologies, this scientific paper delves into an innovative approach by exploring the integration of the Bluetooth frequency band into a circular antenna design. Leveraging the capabilities of metamaterials. The Bluetooth frequency band a cornerstone for short-range communications, takes center stage in our study. Traditionally associated with wireless connectivity in diverse applications, its integration into a circular antenna structure opens up new avenues for optimizing performance and functionality. Our research aims to not only enhance the efficiency of short-range communication systems but also contribute to the broader discourse on antenna design evolution. The computer simulation technology (CST) studio suite is utilized to show the recommended antenna design. By scrutinizing the symbiotic relationship between the Bluetooth frequency band and the circular antenna augmented with metamaterial, our study endeavors to push the boundaries of current design paradigms. We believe that this exploration will not only address the contemporary challenges associated with wireless communication but also pave the way for the development of more sophisticated, adaptable, and compact devices in the ever-expanding realm of telecommunications.


bluetooth frequency band; circular antenna design; computer simulation technology; metamaterials; wireless communication; technologies;

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