Multi-stage cryptography technique for wireless networks

Amer Alsaraira, Samer Alabed, Omar Saraereh


The security of wireless communication systems has been the focal subject of research for more than a century. It is a topic of vital importance due to its effectiveness in many fields. Besides, the importance of sending data from one point to another without intercepting by unwanted third-party has become an essential requirement in conjunction with the widespread hacking technologies. This research paper is set out to explore a new technique used in internet of things applications that will ensure a secure wireless communication system. Additionally, it clarifies five distinct cryptographic methods: advanced encryption standard, elliptic curve cryptography, transposition, substitution, and Rivest, Shamir, and Adleman. In addition, the secure wireless communication system combines four of the prementioned techniques to build a highly secure system. Moreover, we managed to elucidate the critical points of our work on the long-range systems into a short yet informative and detailed summary. This paper will extensively cover the following topics: cryptography, cryptographic methods and techniques, software implementation, applications, and advantages of the system.


cryptography; cyber physical system; digitalization; internet of things; secure communication system; smart cities; sustainability;

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