Cooperative Avoidance Control-based Interval Fuzzy Kohonen Networks Algorithm in Simple Swarm Robots

Siti Nurmaini, Siti Zaiton, Ricy Firnando


A novel technique to control swarm robot’s movement is presented and analyzed in this paper. It allows a group of robots to move as a unique entity performing the following function such as obstacle avoidance at group level. The control strategy enhances the mobile robot’s performance whereby their forthcoming decisions are impacted by its previous experiences during the navigation apart from the current range inputs. Interval Fuzzy-Kohonen Network (IFKN) algorithm is utilized in this strategy. By employing a small number of rules, the IFKN algorithms can be adapted to swarms reactive control. The control strategy provides much faster response compare to Fuzzy Kohonen Network (FKN) algorithm to expected events. The effectiveness of the proposed technique is also demonstrated in a series of practical test on our experimental by using five low cost robots with limited sensor abilities and low computational effort on each single robot in the swarm. The results show that swarm robots based on proposed technique have the ability to perform cooperative behavior, produces minimum collision and capable to navigate around square shapes obstacles.

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