Application of Chaotic Particle Swarm Optimization in Wavelet Neural Network

Cuijie Zhao, Guozhen Wang


Currently, the method of optimizing the wavelet neural network with particle swarm plays a certain role in improving the convergence speed and accuracy; however, it is not a good solution for problems of turning into local extrema and poor global search ability. To solve these problems, this paper, based on the particle swarm optimization, puts forward an improved method, which is introducing the chaos mechanism into the algorithm of chaotic particle swarm optimization. Through a series of comparative simulation experiments, it proves that applying this algorithm to optimize the wavelet neural network can successfully solve the problems of turning into local extrema, and improve the convergence speed of the network, in the meantime, reduce the output error and improve the search ability of the algorithm. In general, it helps a lot to improve the overall performance of the wavelet neural network.

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