Effort Estimation Development Model for Web-Based Mobile Application Using Fuzzy Logic

Stefani Agusta, Suharjito Suharjito, Abba Suganda Girsang


Effort estimation becomes a crucial part in software development process because false effort estimation result can lead to delayed project and affect the successful of a project. This research proposes a model of effort estimation for web-based mobile application developed using object oriented approach. In the proposed model, functional size measurement of object oriented based web application named OOmFPWeb, web metric and mobile characteristic for web-based mobile application size measurement are combnined. The estimation process is done by using mamdani fuzzy logic method. To evaluate the proposed model, the comparison between OOmFPWeb as the variable that affect effort estimation for web-based mobile application and the proposed model are performed. The evaluation result shows that effort estimation for web-based mobile application with the proposed model is better than just using OOmFPWeb.


fuzzy logic, mobile application effort estimation, functional, hypermedia

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.12928/telkomnika.v16i5.6561


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