Enhancement of Iris Recognition System Based on Phase Only Correlation

Fitri Arnia, Nuriza Pramita


Iris recognition system is one of biometric based recognition/identification systems. Numerous techniques have been implemented to achieve a good recognition rate, including the ones based on Phase Only Correlation (POC). Significant and higher correlation peaks suggest that the system recognizes iris images of the same subject (person), while lower and unsignificant peaks correspond to recognition of those of difference subjects. Current POC methods have not investigated minimum iris point that can be used to achieve higher correlation peaks. This paper proposed a method that used only one-fourth of full normalized iris size to achieve higher (or at least the same) recognition rate. Simulation on CASIA version 1.0 iris image database showed that averaged recognition rate of the proposed method achieved 67%, higher than that of using one-half (56%) and full (53%) iris point. Furthermore, all (100%) POC peak values of the proposed method was higher than that of the method with full iris points.     

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.12928/telkomnika.v9i2.711


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