Reliability Level List Based Iterative SISO Decoding Algorithm for Block Turbo Codes

V Sudharsan, V Vijay Karthik, B Yamuna


An iterative Reliability Level List (RLL) based soft-input soft-output (SISO) decoding algorithm has been proposed for Block Turbo Codes (BTCs). The algorithm ingeniously adapts the RLL based decoding algorithm for the constituent block codes, which is a soft-input hard-output algorithm. The extrinsic information is calculated using the reliability of these hard-output decisions and is passed as soft-input to the iterative turbo decoding process. RLL based decoding of constituent codes estimate the optimal transmitted codeword through a directed minimal search. The proposed RLL based decoder for the constituent code replaces the Chase-2 based constituent decoder in the conventional SISO scheme. Simulation results show that the proposed algorithm has a clear advantage of performance improvement over conventional Chase-2 based SISO decoding scheme with reduced decoding latency at lower noise levels.


error control coding, block turbo code, Iterative SISO decoding, soft decision decoding, reliability level list

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