Retinal Image Preprocessing: Background and Noise Segmentation

Ibaa Jamal, M. Usman Akram, Anam Tariq


Medical imaging is very popular research area these days and includes computer aided diagnosis of different diseases by taking digital images as input. Digital retinal images are used for the screening and diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy, an eye disease. An automated system for the diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy should highlight all signs of disease present in the image and in order to improve the accuracy of the system, the retinal image quality must be improved. In this article, we present a method to improve the quality of input retinal image and we consider this method as a preprocessing step in automated diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy. The preprocessing consists of background estimation and noise removal from retinal image by applying coarse and fine segmentation. We perform extensive results to check the validity of proposed preprocessing technique using standard fundus image database.

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