Filter technique of medical image on multiple morphological gradient (MMG) method

Jufriadif Na'am, Johan Harlan, Rosda Syelly, Agung Ramadhanu


Filter technique is supportive for reducing image noise. This paper presents a study on filtering medical images, i.e., CT-Scan, Chest X-ray and Panoramic X-ray collected from two of the most prominent public hospitals in Padang City, Indonesia. The aim of this study preserved to facilitate in diagnosing objects in x-ray medical images. This study used filter technique, i.e. Blur, Emboss, Gaussian, Laplacian, Roberts, Sharpen, or Sobel techniques as pre-processing step. The filter process performed before edge detection and edge clarification. MMG method used in this study to clarify the edge detection. Thus, this research showed the hesitation decline (confidence increase) of the diagnosis of objects contained in medical images.


edge detection; filter technique; medical image; multiple morphological gradient (MMG); X-ray;

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