Lung diseases detection caused by smoking using support vector machine

Sri Widodo, Ratnasari Nur Rohmah, Bana Handaga, Liss Dyah Dewi Arini


Type of lung disease is very much manifold, but type of lung disease caused by smoking there are only 4, namely Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Emphysema and Lung Cancer. Doctors usually diagnose lung disease from CT scans using the naked eye, then interpret data one by one.This procedure is not effective. The aim of this research is improvement accuracy of lung diseases detection caused by smoking using support vector machine on computed tomography scan (CT scan) images. This study includes 4 (four) main points. First is the development of software for segmentation of lung organ automatically using Active Shape Model (ASM) method. Second is the segmentation of candidates who are considered illness by using Morphology Mathematics. The third process of lung disease detection using Support Vector Machine (SVM). Fourth is visualization of disease or lung disorder using Volume Rendering.


ASM; CT scan; lung disease; morphological math; SVM;

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