Joint Fixed Power Allocation and Partial Relay Selection Schemes for Cooperative NOMA

Thanh-Tien Do, Dinh-Thuan Do, Minh-Sang Van Nguyen


 In the future wireless systems, non-orthogonal multiple-access (NOMA) with partial relay selection scheme is considered as developing research topic. In this paper, dual-hop relaying systems is deployed for NOMA, in which the signal is transfered with the assistance of decode-and-forward (DF) scheme. This paper presents exact expressions for outage probability over independent Rayleigh fading channels, and two partial relay selection schemes are provided. Using matching analytical result and Monte-Carlo method, we introduce forwarding strategy selection for fixed user allocation and exactness of derived formula is checked. The presented simulations confirm the the advantage of such considered NOMA, and the effectiveness of the proposed forwarding strategy.


non-orthogonal multiple-access (NOMA); decode-and-forward relaying; forwarding strategy selection

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