Energy Efficient Cluster Based Routing Protocol for Dynamic and Static Nodes in Wireless Sensor Network

Salam Al-Khammasi, Dheyaa Alhelal, Nabeel Salih Ali


Power consumption is considered one of the most significant challenges in the wireless network sensors (WSNs). In this paper, an investigation of the power consumption is done by making a comparison between static and dynamic WSNs. We have compared the results of the static network with the results of the dynamic network. Static and dynamic wireless Sensor networks have the same architecture (Homogenous) and proposed protocol. Depending on the suggested protocol, the simulation results show that the energy consumption in the static wireless sensor network was less than the dynamic wireless sensor network. However, moving the sensors in the dynamic WSN present real improvement in delivering packets to the base station. In the proposed routing protocol, transmitting data process is done in a hierarchal way. Cheap sensors are introduced and deploy them intensively to improve the QoS in the network. The final results and the conclusion are reported.


wireless sensor network, static and dynamic, efficient routing protocol, power consumption, delivering packets

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