Vol 13, No 2

June 2015

DOI: http://doi.org/10.12928/telkomnika.v13i2

Table of Contents

An Introduction to Journal Phishings and Their Detection Approach PDF
Mehdi Dadkhah, Tole Sutikno, Mohammad Davarpanah Jazi, Deris Stiawan 373-380
Analysis and Simulation on Torque Ripples of Brushless DC Motor PDF
Qian Weikang, Shi Yutao 381-390
Flicker Measurement and Grey Disaster Prediction of Grid-connected Wind Turbines PDF
Zhanqiang Zhang, Keqilao Meng, Li Zhang 391-400
Battery State-of-Charge Estimation with Extended Kalman-Filter using Third-Order Thevenin Model PDF
Low Wen Yao, Wirun A/l Prayun, Mohd Junaidi Bin Abdul Aziz, Tole Sutikno 401-412
Optimization of Power System Scheduling Based on Shuffled Complex Evolution Metropolis Algorithm PDF
Zi-Yang Qiang, Feng-Ping Wu, Jia-Rui Dong, Rui-Dong Heng 413-420
Basal Study on Power Control Strategy for Fuel Cell/Battery Hybrid Vehicle PDF
Dingyue Chen, Xia Li, Lihao Chen, Yonghui Zhang, Li Yang, Songsong Li 421-431
Stator Field-Orientation Speed Control for 3-Phase Induction Motor under Open-Phase Fault PDF
Mohammad Jannati, Tole Sutikno, Nik Rumzi Nik Idris, Mohd Junaidi Abdul Aziz 432-441
Application of Single MEMS-accelerometer to Measure 3-axis Vibrations and 2-axis Tilt-Angle Simultaneously PDF
Didik R. Santoso, Sukir Maryanto, Ahmad Nadhir 442-450
Effect of Underlap and its Soft Error Performance in 30 nm Junctionless-based 6T-SRAM Cell PDF
Chitra Pandy, Ramakrishnan Narayanan 451-459
The Implementation of One Opportunistic Routing in Wireless Networks PDF
Han Li, Huan-yan Qian 460-468
Optimization of Sensor Network Topology in Deployed in Inhomogeneous Lossy Media PDF
Rony Teguh, Hajime Igarashi 469-477
Integration of Signal and Artificial Noise in MIMO Wiretap Channel PDF
Zhiliang Yang, Aihua Wang, Xiqiang Qu 478-486
Spectrum Sensing Based on Monostable Stochastic Resonance in Cognitive Radio Networks PDF
Yonghua Wang, Pin Wan, Qin Deng, Yuli Fu 487-493
International Telecommunication Union-Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R) P.837-6 and P.837-7 performance to estimate Indonesian rainfall PDF
Yonghua Wang, Pin Wan, Qin Deng, Yuli Fu 494-501
Unambiguous Sine-phased BOC(kn,n) Signal Acquisition Based on Combined Correlation Functions PDF
Deng Zhongliang, Xi Yue, Yin Lu 502-509
Sampling Deviation Real-time Calibration Method for Wideband Simulator PDF
Song Bingbing, Pan Minghai, Hu Xiaohua 510-517
Guaranteed Cost Control for Uncertain Neutral Systems with a Minimal Order Observer PDF
Erwin Susanto, Junartho Halomoan, Mitsuaki Ishitobi 518-527
Goal-seeking Behavior-based Mobile Robot Using Particle Swarm Fuzzy Controller PDF
Andi Adriansyah, Yudhi Gunardi, Badaruddin Badaruddin, Eko Ihsanto 528-538
Design and Simulation of Small Space Parallel Parking Fuzzy Controller PDF
Qiulin Sheng, Jie Min, Xing Zhang, Zhengwen Zhang, Yi Li, Guangya Liu 539-546
Experimental Validation of a Multi Model PI Controller for a Non Linear Hybrid System in LabVIEW PDF
M.Kalyan Chakravarthi, Nithya Venkatesan 547-555
Virtual Instrument of Harmonics Detection Based on Neural Network Adaptive Filters PDF
Xianfeng Zheng, Zheng Fan 556-562
A method of Trajectory Restoration at Intersection PDF
Ke Zheng, Xiangbo Song, Dunyao Zhu 563-570
Integrated System Design for Broadcast Program Infringement Detection PDF
Sukmawati Nur Endah, Satriyo Adhy, Sutikno Sutikno 571-577
Test Generation Algorithm Based on SVM with compressing Sample Space Methods PDF
Ting Long, Jiang Shiqi, Hang Luo 578-586
An Image Compression Method Based on Wavelet Transform and Neural Network PDF
Suqing Zhang, Aiqiang Wang 587-596
Iris Image Recognition Based on Independent Component Analysis and Support Vector Machine PDF
Muhammad Fachrurrozi, Muhammad Mujtahid 597-603
An Image Registration Method Based on Wavelet Transform and Ant Colony Optimization PDF
Dapeng Zhang, Jiayan Li 604-613
Image Denoising Based on Artificial Bee Colony and BP Neural Network PDF
Junping Wang, Dapeng Zhang 614-623
Object Detector on Coastal Surveillance Radar Using Two-Dimensional Order-Statistic Constant-False Alarm Rate Algoritm PDF
Dayat Kurniawan, Purwoko Adhi, Arif Suryadi, Iqbal Syamsu, Teguh Praludi 624-631
An Ant Colony-based Heuristic Algorithm for Joint Scheduling of Post-earthquake Road Repair and Relief Distribution PDF
Bei Xu, Yuanbin Song 632-643
Business Process Reengineering on Customer Service and Procurement Units in Clinical Laboratory PDF
Dewi Agushinta R., Anindito Yoga Pratama, Suryadi Harmanto S 644-653
Determining Trust Scope Attributes Using Goodness of Fit Test: A Survey PDF
Titin Pramiyati, Iping Supriana, Ayu Purwarianti 654-660
Simple Screening for High-Risk Pregnancies in Rural Areas Based on an Expert System PDF
Retno Supriyanti, Ahmad Fariz, Teddy Septiana, Eko Murdyantoro, Yogi Ramadhani, Haris Budi Widodo 661-669
Water Model Study on Removing Inclusion from Molten Steel by Bubble Attachment in RH Degasser PDF
Chunjie Yang, Fuping Tang, Minggang Shen 670-677
Home Appliance Control with Publish Subscribe in Social Media PDF
Sabriansyah Rizqika Akbar, Eko Setiawan, Achmad Basuki 678-685
Influences of the Input Factors towards Success of An Information System Project PDF
A'ang Subiyakto, Abd. Rahman Ahlan, Mira Kartiwi, Husni Teja Sukmana 686-693
Comparison of Data Partitioning Schema of Parallel Pairwise Alignment on Shared Memory System PDF
Auriza Rahmad Akbar, Heru Sukoco, Wisnu Ananta Kusuma 694-702
Sensor Node Easy Moving Monitoring Region Location Algorithm in Internet of Things PDF
Donghua Feng, Yahong Li 703-710
Adaptive Energy-aware Cluster Based Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks PDF
Fatemeh Hakimifar, Seyed-Amin Hosseini-Seno, Mohammad Hossein Moattar, Thair Al-Dala’in, Rahmat Budiarto 711-721
Optimal Two Dimensional Preventive Maintenance Policy Based on Asymmetric Copula Function PDF
Xinyue Li, Yunxian Jia, Zhen Li 722-729
Research on Beef Skeletal Maturity Determination Based on Shape Description and Neural Network PDF
Xiangyan Meng, Yumiao Ren, Haixian Pan 730-738
High Available VoIP Server Failover Mechanism in Wide Area Network PDF
Hery Dian Septama, Ardian Ulvan, Jiri Hlavacek, Robert Bestak 739-744