Vol 21, No 4

August 2023

DOI: http://doi.org/10.12928/telkomnika.v21i4

Table of Contents

Estimating losses at 40-GHz downlink using non-meteorological techniques in heavy rain areas PDF
Nur Hanis Sabrina Suhaimi, Ahmad Fadzil Ismail, Yasser Asrul Ahmad, Khairayu Badron 711-717
Analysis on the performance of pointing error effects for RIS-aided FSO link over gamma-gamma channels PDF
Duong Huu Ai, Dai Tho Dang, Quang Hien Dang, Trong Le Kim 718-724
Performance improvements of a VLC system, in a V2X context, using a different multiplexing technique PDF
Anass Kharbouche, Zhour Madini, Younes Zouine 725-735
On the performance of reconfigurable intelligent surface-assisted UAV-to-ground communication systems PDF
Duong Huu Ai, Van Loi Nguyen, Hoang Huu Duc, Khanh Ty Luong 736-741
Customer segmentation with RFM models and demographic variable using DBSCAN algorithm PDF
Siti Monalisa, Yosie Juniarti, Eki Saputra, Fitriani Muttakin, Tengku Khairil Ahsyar 742-749
Core model of information technology governance system design in local government PDF
Lanto Ningrayati Amali, Muhammad Rifai Katili, Sitti Suhada 750-761
One to many (new scheme for symmetric cryptography) PDF
Alz Danny Wowor, Bambang Susanto 762-770
Lightweight digital imaging and communications in medicine image encryption for IoT system PDF
Muntaha Abdulzahra Hatem, Balsam Abdulkadhim Hameedi, Jamal Nasir Hasoon 771-783
LSKA-ID: A lightweight security and key agreement protocol based on an identity for vehicular communication PDF
Murtadha A. Alazzawi, Mohammed Tali Almalchy, Ahmed Al-Shammari, Ahmed Salih Al-Khaleefa, Hayder M. Albehadili 784-796
A combined fuzzy AHP with fuzzy TOPSIS to locate industrial supporting bonded logistics centers PDF
Syafrianita Syafrianita, Heru Purboyo Hidayat Putro, Gatot Yudoko, Fikri Zul Fahmi 797-804
Competent scene classification using feature fusion of pre-trained convolutional neural networks PDF
Thirumaladevi Satharajupalli, Kilari Veera Swamy, Maruvada Sailaja 805-814
Experimental of vectorizer and classifier for scrapped social media data PDF
Setiawan Assegaff, Errissya Rasywir, Yovi Pratama 815-824
Biomedical-named entity recognition using CUDA accelerated KNN algorithm PDF
Manish Bali, Anandaraj Shanthi Pichandi, Jude Hemanth Duraisamy 825-835
Power consumption and energy management for edge computing: state of the art PDF
Tawfeeq E. Abdoulabbas, Sawsan M. Mahmoud 836-845
Contrast modification for pre-enhancement process in multi-contrast rubeosis iridis images PDF
Rohana Abdul Karim, Nurul Wahidah Arshad, Yasmin Abdul Wahab 846-857
Traffic flow measurement for smart traffic light system design PDF
Mohammed Al-Momin, Mohammed K. Alkhafaji, Mrtdaa M. H. Al-Musawi 858-863
An automatic flame detection system for outdoor areas PDF
Zahraa Shihab Al Hakeem, Haider Ismael Shahadi, Hawraa Hassan Abbas 864-871
Design and performance analysis of low phase noise LC-voltage controlled oscillator PDF
Ramchandra Gurjar, Deepak Kumar Mishra 872-880
Low-cost central monitor based personal computer with electrocardiogram and heart rate parameters via wireless XBee Pro PDF
Bambang Guruh Irianto, Anita Miftahul Maghfiroh 881-890
Neuro-fuzzy-based anti-swing control of automatic tower crane PDF
Saleh B. Al-Tuhaifi, Kasim Mousa Al-Aubidy 891-900
Stability by assigning structures by applying the multivariable subspace identification algorithm for a wind system with a DFIG PDF
Fernando Mesa, Germán Correa Vélez, José José Barba Ortega 901-908
Dickson voltage multiplier with 1 to 6 stages for dual-band rectifiers (2.45/5.8 GHz) with low input power PDF
Sara El Mattar, Abdennaceur Baghdad, Sara Said, Elhadi Baghaz 909-916
A study on PMSM drive systems fed by multi-level inverter using linear quadratic regulator control for electric vehicle applications PDF
Vo Thanh Ha, Pham Thi Giang 917-925
Performance of piezoelectric energy harvester with vortex-induced vibration and various bluff bodies PDF
Adhes Gamayel, Mohamad Zaenudin, Brainvendra Widi Dionova 926-934
Comparative simulation study of electric motors for high performance of 3D printers PDF
Mhamed El Mrabet, Zineb Mekrini, Abdelilah El Mesbahi, Mohammed Boulaala 935-948