Vol 22, No 1

February 2024

DOI: http://doi.org/10.12928/telkomnika.v22i1

Table of Contents

A compact multiband antenna based on metamaterial for L-band, WiMax, C-band, X-band, and Ku-band applications PDF
Youssef Frist, Mourad Elhabchi, Mohamed Nabil Srifi 1-9
Performance enhancement of FSO link with RIS-aided over Weibull distribution for 5G/6G and IoT applications PDF
Duong Huu Ai, Van Loi Nguyen, Hoang Huu Duc, Khanh Ty Luong, Viet Truong Le 10-16
Novel fractal geometry of 4×4 multi-input and multi-output array antenna for 6G wireless systems PDF
Karrar Shakir Muttair, Oras Ahmed Shareef, Hazeem Baqir Taher 17-25
BER-performance evaluation for 5G-PD-NOMA system in multipath communication channels PDF
Maryam K. Abboud, Yasameen Fawzi Azeez, Reem J. Abbass 26-33
Design of defective ground plane modified microstrip patch antenna for ultra-wideband applications PDF
Rasha H. Mahdi, Ahlam Alsudani, Mariam Qutaiba Abdalrazak, Hussein A. Abdulnabi 34-41
Analysis of PLS enhancement using permutation index based OFDM-DCSK system over multipath Rayleigh fading channel PDF
Dhuha Hussein Hameed, Fadhil S. Hasan 42-54
A new printed multiband fractal triangular antenna for wireless application PDF
Mohamed Marzouk, Youssef Rhazi, Ibrahim Hassan Nejdi, Mohamed Saih 55-64
Towards a simple and efficient vehicular delay tolerant networks routing protocol for data collection in smart cities PDF
Ngurah Indra Er, Kamal Deep Singh, Christophe Couturier, Jean-Marie Bonnin 65-75
Integration of PSO-based advanced supervised learning techniques for classification data mining to predict heart failure PDF
Mesran Mesran, Remuz Mb Kmurawak, Agus Perdana Windarto 76-85
Two new classes of conjugate gradient method based on logistic mapping PDF
Banaz Hamza Jahwar, Alaa Luqman ibrahim, Sherzad Muhammed Ajeel, Salah Gazi Shareef 86-94
Predicting the adoption of “Buku Kedai”: a digital book-keeping application among Malaysian micro-entrepreneurs PDF
Wan Noraswaniaty Wan Ahmad, Rabaatul Azira Hassan, Maheran Zakaria, Saifful Nazri Md Nazir, Dwi Suhartini 95-103
Real-time vehicle counting using custom YOLOv8n and DeepSORT for resource-limited edge devices PDF
Abuelgasim Saadeldin, Muhammad Mahbubur Rashid, Amir Akramin Shafie, Tahsin Fuad Hasan 104-112
Deep learning based phishing website detection PDF
N. Subhashini, Amogh Banerjee, Abhi Kumar, S. Muthulakshmi, S. Revathi 113-121
Philosophy design of single-trait based multi-feature biometric system PDF
Rabab A. Rasool, Muthana Hamd 122-128
Classification of melanoma skin cancer using deep learning approach PDF
Maha Ali Hussien, Abbas H. Hassin Alasadi 129-137
Fall incidence prediction system for elderly people based on IoT and classification techniques PDF
Narayanan Essakipillai, Jayashree Ramakrishnan 138-147
Internet of things system for lime planting in Maha Sarakham community PDF
Tharach Arreerard, Woraphapa Arreerard, Naphattanon Thongpan, Niraj Ruangsan 148-156
Least significant bit technology for hiding text data using video steganography PDF
Huda A. Ali, Alyaa J. Jalil, Marwah K. Hussein 157-163
Neural network with k-fold cross validation for oil palm fruit ripeness prediction PDF
Minarni Shiddiq, Feri Candra, Barri Anand, Mohammad Fisal Rabin 164-174
Smart stick for blind people with wireless emergency notification PDF
Yasir Hashim, Alaa Ghazi Abdulbaqi 175-181
Highly selective dual-band interdigital bandpass filter for C-band applications PDF
Zakaria El Ouadi, Asma Khabba, Jamal Amadid, Saida Ibnyaich, Abdelouhab Zeroual, Tole Sutikno 182-189
Proposing a new method for calculating DC sources in an extended multilevel converter PDF
Afzal Keivanlou Shahrestanaki, Rahim Ildarabadi, Mahmoud Zadehbagheri, Tole Sutikno 190-201
Automatic detection, report, and alert of faults in 220 volts electric power distribution parts PDF
Jabbar Shatti Jahlool, Mohammed Abdulla Abdulsada, Majid S. Naghmash 202-210
Synthesis of reduced graphene oxide decotate Cu2S nanoparticles for cathode of quantum dot solar cell PDF
Le Doan Duy, Le Thi Ngoc Tu, Le Tien Dat 211-218
Moving-horizon estimation approach for nonlinear systems with measurement contaminated by outliers PDF
Moath Jamal Awawdeh, Tarig Faisal, Anees Bashir, Abdel Ilah Nour Alshbatat, Rana T. H. Momani 219-231
Classification of Solo Batik patterns using deep learning convolutional neural networks algorithm PDF
Dimas Aryo Anggoro, Assyati Amadjida Tamimi Marzuki, Wiwit Supriyanti 232-240