Vol 11, No 2

June 2013

DOI: http://doi.org/10.12928/telkomnika.v11i2

Table of Contents

Efficient Content Location Using Semantic Small World in Peer-to-Peer Networks PDF
Yong Chen, Wei-zhong Xiao, Huan-lin Liu, Long-zhao Sun 223-230
Fault Diagnosis for Substation with Redundant Protection Configuration Based on Time-Sequence Fuzzy Petri-Net PDF
Haiying Dong, Xiaonan Li 231-240
Formula Expression of Airgap Leakage flux Coefficient of Axial-Flux Permanent Magnet Motor PDF
Xiao Gong, Yanliang Xu, Feng Xin 241-248
A New Hybrid Power Configuration In HEV and Its Driving BLDC Development PDF
Yanliang Xu Yanliang Xu, Changfeng Li Changfeng Li 257-264
Nine-Phase Induction Motor Dynamic Model Based On 3x9 Transformation Matrix PDF
Arman Jaya, Soebagio Soebagio, Mauridhi Hery Purnomo 265-276
Determining the Excitation Voltage of Axial Flux Wound Rotor Synchronous Generator PDF
Abdul Multi, Iwa Garniwa 277-284
Research and Design on Navigation Electronic Map System PDF
Wanwu Li Wanwu Li, Lin Liu, Honglei Dai, Chang Qu Chang Qu, Xiaotong Yang 285-290
RS-485 Bus Design of a Missile Simulation Training System PDF
Xinjie Ji Xinjie Ji, GuozhouWang GuozhouWang, FangLiu FangLiu 291-296
Modeling And Control Of Excitation And Governor Based On Particle Swarm Optimization For Micro Hydro Power Plant PDF
Muhamad Haddin, Soebagio Soebagio, Adi Soeprijanto, Mauridhi Hery Purnomo 297-304
An Improved Image Contrast Assessment Method PDF
Yuanyuan Fan, Yingjun Sang, Guang Hu Guang Hu, Zaijin Zhou, Yunrong Hao 305-312
Acoustic Performance of Exhaust Muffler Based Genetic Algorithms and Artificial Neural Network PDF
Bing Wang, Xiaoli Wang 313-320
Low Complexity Selective Adaptive Multicarrier DS-CDMA Receiver PDF
Ahmed El-Sayed El-Mahdy, Maged Ahmed 321-330
Lung Nodule Detection in CT Images using Neuro Fuzzy Classifier PDF
Anam Tariq, M. Usman Akram 331-336
UHF RFID Tag Antenna for Vehicle License Plate Number (e-Plate) PDF
Evizal Evizal, Tharek Abdul Rahman, Sharul Kamal Abdul Rahim 337-346
Power Quality Signal De-noising with Sub band Adaptive Algorithm PDF
Yingjun Sang, Yuanyuan Fan 347-354
Performance of Channel Estimation in MIMO-OFDM Systems PDF
Subuh Pramono, Eddy Triyono 355-362
Fault-tolerant and QoS based Network Layer for Security Management PDF
Kais Mekki, Ahmed Zouinkhi, Mohamed Naceur Abdelkrim 363-372
Interference Potential of FSS and BWA on the Extended C-Band PDF
Lydia Sari, V. Windha Mahyastuty 373-380
On the Security of NMAC and Its Variants PDF
Fanbao Liu, Changxiang Shen, Tao Xie, Dengguo Feng 381-392
The Improvement of Chord Protocol about Structured P2P System PDF
Yong Chen, Long-zhao Sun, Huan-lin Liu, Wei-zhong Xiao 393-398
Attack and Vulnerability Penetration Testing: FreeBSD PDF
Deris Stiawan, Mohd. Yazid Idris, Abdul Hanan Abdullah 399-408
A Bidirectional Generalized Synchronization Theorem -Based Chaotic Pseudorandom Number Generator PDF
Han Shuangshuang, Min Lequan 409-416
Development of Wireless Smart Sensor for Structure and Machine Monitoring PDF
Achmad Widodo, Latief Rozaqi, Ismoyo Haryanto, Djoeli Satrijo 417-424