Vol 11, No 4

December 2013

DOI: http://doi.org/10.12928/telkomnika.v11i4

Table of Contents

De-noising of Power Quality Disturbance Detection Based on Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition Threshold Algorithm PDF
Zhang Xuhong, Han Gang Han Gang, Chen Liping 637-644
Analytical Calculation of Coupled Magnetothermal Problem in Gas Insulated Transmission Lines PDF
Guoxia Sun, Xiangchao Jin, Zhiyang Xie 645-652
A Design Study of Dual-Stator Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor PDF
Wang Yaling, Xu Yanliang Xu Yanliang 653-660
Renewable Distributed Generation Models in Three-Phase Load Flow Analysis for Smart Grid PDF
Syafii Syafii, K. M. Nor K. M. Nor 661-668
Design and Modeling of an Integrated Micro-Transformer in a Flyback Converter PDF
M. Derkaoui M. Derkaoui, A. Hamid A. Hamid, T. Lebey T. Lebey, R. Melati R. Melati 669-682
Research of NiMH Battery Modeling and Simulation Based on Linear Regression Analysis Method PDF
Chang-hao Piao, Qing-yong Qin, Qian Zhang, Yong-sheng Zhang 683-690
Study of an Improved Fuzzy Direct Torque Control of Induction Motor PDF
Dong Ming, Tang Yong-qi, Song Hai-liang, Wang Bing-jie 691-698
Optimization of Membership Functions for the Fuzzy Controllers of the Water Tank and Inverted Pendulum with Differents PSO Variants PDF
Resffa Fierro, Oscar Castillo, Fevrier Valdez, Patricia Melin 699-714
Fuzzy Adaptive PID Control of a New Hydraulic Erecting Mechanism PDF
Liang Li, Jian Xie, Wei Li 715-724
Study on Thermal Conductivity Methane Sensor Constant Temperature Detection Method PDF
Ding Xibo, Guo Xiaoyan, Chen Yuechao, Sun Xue, Li Zhaoxia 725-732
Two-phase Flow Visualization Employing Gauss-Newton Method in Microchannel PDF
Yonghong Liu, Mingyan Zu, Xiantao Wang, Je-Eun Choi 733-738
Time Series Based for Online Signature Verification PDF
Pande Sutawan, Darma Putra 739-748
Palmprint Verification Using Time Series Method PDF
Agus Anwar, Darma Putra, Agung Cahyawan 749-748
Palmprint Verification Using Time Series Method PDF
Agus Anwar, Darma Putra, Agung Cahyawan 749-748
Application of Wavelet Analysis in Detecting Runway Foreign Object Debris PDF
Guo Xiao-jing, Yang Xue-you, Yu Zhi-jing 759-766
A Camera Self-Calibration Method Based on Plane Lattice and Orthogonality PDF
Yue Zhao, Jianchong Lei 767-774
Feature Extraction of Composite Damage on Acoustic Emission Signals PDF
Han Wen Qin, Zhou Jin Yu 775-782
Separability Filter for Localizing Abnormal Pupil: Identification of Input Image PDF
Retno Supriyanti, Elvin Pranata, Yogi Ramadhani, Tutik Ida Rosanti 783-790
Localizing Region-Based Level-set Contouring for Common Carotid Artery in Ultrasonography PDF
Yong Chen, Xiao Ming Zhou, Dong C Liu 791-796
Ovarian Cancer Identification using One-Pass Clustering and k-Nearest Neighbors PDF
Isye Arieshanti, Yudhi Purwananto, Handayani Tjandrasa 797-802
Circularly Polarized Proximity-Fed Microstrip Array Antenna for Micro Satellite PDF
Muhammad Darsono, Endra Wijaya 803-810
Power Balance AODV Algorithm of WSN in Agriculture Monitoring PDF
Dengyuan Xu, Shixun Wu, Benniu Zhang, Xiaoqin Qin 811-818
A Review of Communication Protocols for Intelligent Remote Terminal Unit Development PDF
Mohd Ruddin Ab Ghani, Wan Nor Shela Ezwane W. Jusoh, Mohd Ariff M. Hanafiah, Siti Hajar Raman, Zanariah Jano 819-826
Future Smart Cooking Machine System Design PDF
Alif Ahmad Syamsudduha, Dyah Pratiwi, Ardhani Reswari Yudistari, Jonathan Hindharta, Dewi Agushinta R. 827-834
Improved Harmony Search Algorithm with Chaos for Absolute Value Equation PDF
Longquan Yong, Sanyang Liu, Shouheng Tuo, Kai Gao 835-844
A Mobile Ecotourism Recommendations System Using Cars-Context Aware Approaches PDF
Neny Rosmawarni, Taufik Djatna, Yani Nurhadryani 845-852
Streamed Sampling on Dynamic data as Support for Classification Model PDF
Astried Silvanie, Taufik Djatna, Heru Sukoco 855-863